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Whiskey Live Shanghai

The very first Whiskey Live worldwide tour whistled through town on the weekend. Set up at the Russian-inspired Shanghai Exhibition Center, kilted Scots and bourbon barons were dispatched from their home countries to ‘educate’ the Chinese market on various whiskeys available.

Of course, just a sniff of an alcohol-related event in town also attracted the thirsty foreigner lushes. Being a couple of binge drinkers ourselves we were curious on how a bottle of Pipers 5L of scotch with ginger ale compared to the all allusive top shelf stuff.

The answer? Just because you’re drinking the good stuff, doesn’t make the end result any more classy.

What we did learn though:

  • Johnny Walker is the ‘Fosters’ of whiskey. Nobody in Scotland actually drinks it, like nobody in Australia actually drinks Fosters beer.
  • Whiskey can be smoky, sweet, sour, and tangy. The more one drinks the more adjectives the whiskey acquires.
  • Shanghai-folk already seem well versed on good scotch and what to do with it.
  • Dewar is a very happy host. Johnny Walker is an absolute snob.
  • Sean Connery and Andy Garcia are both hall of fame whiskey drinkers.