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I heart Shanghai taxi

Personally, I love the Shanghai taxi drivers – they almost always seem to know where to go even when a laowai like me is pronouncing the streets in the wrong tone. They even know where I’m meant to be going even when I say south instead of north. They are also pretty cheap by western standards – a trip from one end of downtown to the other on the Puxi side of town will put you back about US$3.

Oh yeah and they generally have little regard for seat belts, speed limits, pedestrians, and play whatever the fuck they want on the radio -it’s always fun stuff and never a dull moment.

Anywho, after football (soccer) on the weekend I got a driver who had his music blaring while racing through downtown and the outer suburbs, beeping away, and almost running into a few bikes and other drivers – all while it was raining outside. I don’t normally take videos with my camera but this time I thought it might have been my last Shanghai cab so I decided to capture the end moment. Apologies for the crappy quality.

The Everyday Things #1

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation – this time a little bit more successful than the last. In this video I take a look at an everyday street in Shanghai during peak hour. It’s a quick snapshot of the daily traffic grind of cars, scooters, buses, trucks, carts, bicycles, tricycles, carts, tuk tuks, pedestrians, and traffic cops.

Who wins? In its own chaotic way….everyone’s a winner.

Stop Motion Animation: Shanghai at Night

The unusually clear weather last night saw me grabbing my tripod and camera, lugging it on my “lady bike”, and peddling down to the Bund for a few rare shots of a clear Shanghai skyline .

As usual, the Bund was full of tourists to gasp at the city lights – and hawkers of varying degrees of dodgyness. After a few long exposure shots (which turned out really well – will post later) I decided to try my hand at stop motion animation.

This is my first attempt at this type of photography, and as you can see, its a little rough around the edges. Once I get a better handle on how this works I’ll look to post more.

Oh yes, and while I was playing the snappy tourist someone decided to break the two locks on my el cheapo ladybike and take it for a spin.

Goodbye lady bike, didn’t we have some times?

Video: Shanghai – city of contrasts and confusion!

This video of Shanghai in 1947 has grabbed the attention of a few lately so I’m getting on the bandwagon. According to the original poster of the video it was shot in the short period after WWII when the concessions were closed (1946) and just before the communists rode into town (1949).

It’s an interesting look at the city. If you look closely then you’ll notice how the more things have changed the more they’ve stayed the same.