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Shanghai Shots: Elevated Highway

Last week @pat1982 and myself went scouting for places to take night shots of Shanghai. In our first expedition we took the following long exposure photos of the various elevated highways.

With a parching thirst consuming our vitals we headed around the corner to Xintiandi to seek out a good German beer and take a few night shots – more of those photos to follow. For now, here’s the scaled down Web version of some of the shots:

Elevated Road

Shanghai Shots: Morning on the Bund

If one can get out of bed early enough then you’ll see these scenes of Tai Chi, Kung Fu practice, and other morning exercises down on the Bund (Waitan) side of the Huangpu River. In fact, you’ll see these morning rituals at most parks but this has to be one of the more spectacular backdrops.

Shanghai weather: Beautiful one day…

Stating Shanghai’s many contrasts can be an overstated, overdrawn, and constantly repeated task written about in many blogs and articles. East meets West, Rich vs Poor, Old and New, Capitalism and Communism, and well worn conclusions about Shanghai being a city of Yin and Yang.

I won’t bore you with these in this post but here’s a pictorial look at the contrasting days one is to expect in Shanghai. Both pictures were taken at roughly the same vantage point last week:

Day 1.


Day 2.