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5 tips for renting in Shanghai

After being here almost a year we’ve been going through the process of evaluating our living arrangements. With the current economic climate (ugh, yeah I just wrote that) rental prices have dropped quite a bit. Luckily our landlord agreed and we’re staying put for a bit less cash.

Anywho, as a backup we looked around at some apartments and almost forgot what a ‘fun’ exercise the whole process is. And when I say fun, I mean tedious. If it helps any Shanghai newbies or people looking to move here are some simple tips:


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Skateboarding in Shanghai


On the weekend more than 50 skateboarders pulled up a few boxes and rails and were showing their street skating skills just outside the Shanghai Science and Technology Park metro station. I’m not sure whether this is a regular event or a one-off but I pulled up a seat and took a few snaps.

With no seemingly suitable surf beaches or ski-able mountains the skateboarding and bmx scene looks fairly competitive in Shanghai. The city is well catered for skateboarders with dedicated parks around town. After 11pm around it city it’s not uncommon to see BMX riders converge and show their stuff – when the traffic is much less hectic.

For newbies and seasoned skaters looking to get into the local scene I’d recommend dropping into stores like Icon X who can point you in the right direction in regard to local laws, skating lessons, and events.

Update: Here’s a nice bit about skateboarding in Shanghai from Current TV.