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Bike Polo anyone?

With the amount of wankers wearing shirts with polo players on them you could be mistaken that Polo is a popular past time in Shanghai. However, Shanghai is a terrible place if you’re a polo player. The lack of open spaces and shortage of young fillies to hire is such a conundrum for locals and foreigners alike. Luckily, a couple of postmodern young go-getters decided to ditch the horses for bikes and create their own version of ‘Bike Polo’.

As the name suggests players use bikes instead of horses and substitute grass for concrete. Using what looks like home made sticks, the rules look pretty much the same as polo – like I have any idea what those rules are. The result: mixing sticks and bike spokes into one game is surely going cause a few bruises.

According to the video below the games kicks off, bike off, tees off, starts on Saturday afternoons at the Shanghai Indoor Football Stadium. So, stop complaining that “all there is to do in Shanghai on the weekend is shop, drink, dance, puke, repeat”, and man or woman up, fix up your bike and head on down. Everyone, including dudes with ladybikes, are said to be welcome down at Shanghai Bike Polo Club.

More info on where and when the games are on and equipment needed visit the Shanghai Fixed Gear Website.