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Stop motion animation: Shanghai Auto Show

This is a short stop motion animation taken in front of the Volkswagon pavilion at the Shanghai Auto Show last week. A few less than obvious things to note from the clip:

  • The HD screen in the background was amazingly huge and clear.
  • There are models walking up and down the stage in front of the HD screen during this clip.
  • Volkswagon were promoting green cars while people visiting the pavilion were sweating under the spotlights.
  • I probably should have used a tripod.

The music in the clip is a Beijing band called New Pants. Check them out.

What dudes do at Shanghai’s Auto Show

The 13th annual Shanghai Auto Show has hit town this week. Even by China standards this event is simply huge – which is no surprise – every south-facing western car company wants a piece of the local market.

I’ve written about the show elsewhere but as a person who watches people, I did find the type of scenes below quite funny to watch: