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A Moment to Pause


I’d like to take a moment to pause from my random rants and pass on an important message to readers about a tragedy which has devastated my partner’s family. 3 weeks ago my partner’s niece passed away from whooping cough in Australia.

Australia, like many other western countries, is seeing a comeback of preventable diseases because of poor immunisation rates amongst children and adults. According to the medical experts whooping cough is hitting epidemic levels in parts of Australia. Other diseases such as measles are also making a comeback.

This is a heavy story but if you’re a parent, around young children, or just not aware of why you should have vaccination shots then I recommend reading the open letter from the parents of Dana Elizabeth McCaffery – a 4-week old baby that never stood a chance.

It shouldn’t matter where you live – China, Australia, Europe, US – with the rapid movement of people due to modern travel its important for everyone to vigilant.

For more information please visit the site – http://danamccaffery.com/.