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Video: The Laowai busker

I’m partial to a good busker and happy to give a few clams for entertaining street art. But what happens when Mark, a self-proclaimed ‘crazy Kiwi guy’ decides to take the mic from a Shanghai busker singing his best version “Wonderwall” by Oasis for passing tourists next to the Pearl Tower?

Mark says “Move over Rover, and let Laowai take over” so he can sing about…..chronic masturbation, of course!

Judging from the crowd, the solo performance about solo performances didn’t go down like a Jay Chou concert but good on him for having a go. And for that, I won’t mention a token joke about Kiwis and the Little Sheep restaurants in Shanghai.

Without further ado, here’s that guy singing about Shanghai salami slapping (Blister in the Sun):