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Kung Fu Cyborg

I hope you’re sitting down, or have a book handy to hide pending excitement, because there’s a new movie hitting cinemas soon – “Metallic Attraction: Kung Foo Cyborg”. Here’s the English trailer:

We’re not quite sure what the movie is about but the trailer says its a romantic sci-fi set in a future where the “East has ascended” and features scenes from Shanghai, Asian Robot Police, and mysterious Taichi magic.

Directed by Jeffrey Lau, the 14 million dollar film promises to be a lot more fun than the clunky Transformers 2 movie. In fact, Lau pretty much says the Transformers are a bunch of pussies.

“When I saw SPIDER-MAN, SUPERMAN and BATMAN, I wondered why we don’t have similar superheroes in China. I burst out laughing when watching TRANSFORMERS. The effects were amazing but the robots didn’t know how to fight. So I decided our Chinese superheroes should be kung fu experts,” Lau said in a recent interview.

The film is due out some time in the northern hemisphere’s summer and will go head-to-head with Transformers and the new Terminator movie. Will this be China’s Star Wars moment when they take over the western box office?

Judging from this trailer – I hope so.