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Julu Lu hostess bars getting shut down

Guys (and girls?) who like playing dice, pool, and drinking games with hostesses on Julu Lu might be upset at the news that the bars on the street are being shut down next month.

That was the groundbreaking news I received on the weekend from one of the girls we know who works there (it isn’t what you think). Apparently this is the last month of bars like Pretty Woman, Badlands, and others I can’t quite remember the name of on the western side of Julu Lu.

I couldn’t get a straight answer as to why these are being shut down. Maybe to clean the city up for the Expo, maybe they are illegal, or maybe they don’t adhere to the fire escape laws? Who knows. And does this mean the end for the nearby dodgier street – Tongren Lu?

And what of the pink hairdressers, five star KTV establishments, or even the seemingly ‘above board’ bars like Hooters and the Big Bamboo who make their waitresses wear skimpy gear?

It could be the beginning of the end for the Pervy McPervpants’ of the city.