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Why are you in China?

Why are you in China? That’s the question which seemingly arises in many introductory conversations with other expats and locals. The lure of living in China varies greatly amongst expats: job transfers, experience, teaching, love, and practicing loose morals are amongst the most common reasons.

This same question was recently posted on the Shanghai Expat Website – a popular Website for expats in Shanghai. The thread was long, winding and full of flames so here are a few of the more fun or interesting answers:

“How could I turn down the first offer my boss made me? Also Shangahi is vastly more attractive (to me) compared to the other options that he might have offered me (Bangalore or Moscow).”

“The girls…”

“I’m here because my wife was head hunted.”

“I can’t wait to see what becomes of this place in my lifetime, and I’ve got a front row seat.”

“I wanted to prove to myself I can survive here. If I can do this, I can do anything, I reckon.”

“Back home, being able to speak 3 languages plus 3 Chinese dialects means nothing. The old lady selling vegetable down the road can do the same. Over here, people are impressed.”

“I came here to meet a Filopino girl I met on internet, which did not work out…Ended up getting married to a Chinese gal 3 years ago, and gotta say, I believe the Chinese are the most beautiful females in the world.”

“I’ve met a fair number of Chinese that went to the US 10 or 15 years ago and made a lot of money. I want to return the favor.”

“Capitalism has no boarders – I am here to help exporting American jobs”

“All the fundamentalist wingers kept screaming, “America ! Love it or leave it !” so I did.”

“Opportunities to meet more variety of people.”

“After 15 years, still asking myself that question…”

“Chinese BBQ and pretty girls.”

“To outsource works and get good products shipped back home.”