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A small suggestion to the DVD shops…

Now, I would never complain about the service one gets from any DVD seller in Shanghai. DVDs are cheap, quick to market, and did I mention cheap? So I just have one small suggestion:

“Can you use a little less packaging?”

I’m far from being a tree hugger – like I could find one to hug in this town – but opening a DVD involves un-peeling and throwing away at least three different types of plastic, the glossy cardboard covers, and another paper sleeve.

And here’s the kicker: for less packaging, I’ll guarantee not one foreigner will complain if charged the same amount. In fact, put them in a recyclable paper sleeve and put the word “organic” “green” or “dolphin friendly” and people will pay extra. It works for breakfast cereal and tuna, why not DVDs?

In the meantime, here’s a suggestion for readers who want to keep away from all the packaging – visit youku.com or tudou.com and search for the program you are looking for. 8 times out of 10 the program will be available at blistering fast speeds inside China.