Expat Media

City Weekend – Magazine and Web site dedicated to what’s going on and around Shanghai.

Smart Shanghai – Web site focusing on art, events, and includes the easiest to read (in English) maps of Shanghai’s streets, metro stations, happy hours, and major attractions.

Shanghai Talk! – Print only copy of what is happening in the city including music, events, art, and so on.

Shanghai Daily – Daily newspaper in English.


I Spy Shanghai – An insight into every day Shanghai with a strong dash of funny.

China Rhyming – Excellent author who writes about China past and present.

Shanghaiist – Aggregator of what’s going on in Shanghai and finding original news stories.

China Law Blog – A blog for the law firm Harris and Moure. Always an interesting insight into some of the real business issues inside China and out.

Danwei – News about the media and urban life in China. Almost always a good read.

Shanghai Scrap – An American writer in Shanghai. Probably the most professionally written English blog in China.

China Smack! – Translated articles from China blogs and media. Cultural voyeurism, as they say.

Letter From China – Posts by New Yorker’s Evan Osnos.


Shanghai Expat – Large forum and portal containing a heap of up-to-date information on living in Shanghai.


Over time I’ll add more links about Shanghai and China. If you think I’ve missed yours then feel free to e-mail me.

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