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Total eclipse of the….F@*ck!!

As it happens the full eclipse watching of yesterday was not to be. Just five minutes before the moon was scheduled to eclipse the sun somebody thought it would be a good idea if it rained.

Annoying. Really annoying. In astronomical terms, as annoying as a moon landing conspiracist in the way of Buzz Aldrin:

My pictures, like all the ones I’ve seen so far, pretty much suck. A lot. However, the satellite imagery from out of space was pretty cool.

About living in Shanghai highrises…

Here’s an interesting piece of news for readers back home: On Saturday morning a residential building under construction in Shanghai fell over like a pack of cards. Unfortunately, one worker was in the wrong place at the wrong time and died. Luckily, this building didn’t fall over into another highrise building or was closer to where more people are living. If the same collapse happened in a more built up area (say, where I live) it would have easily killed thousands.

Here are the pictures of a building collapse:

Xi’an Shots: Horses for courses

Playing the tourists this week we headed to Xi’an to sneak a peak into China’s ye olde times. Ye olde Xi’an had – and impressive it was – but I’m a bit tired of the dynasty history right now. In the meantime, here’s a few horses that were going for more than 100,000rmb. The horses looked as shocked as we were: