Xīn jiā pō – not what it seems

When we first learnt of moving to Singapore everyone kept telling us of the cliche’s – hot, boring, strict, boring, and hot. Oh and clean – our ayi told me she was most impressed by Singapore’s cleanliness. Well, things aren’t really as they seem. The language is familiar but the mixing pot of cultures, cuisine, and people going about their business is rather interesting.

I still need to publish a whole backlog of Shanghai content – and I’ll probably be back over the course of the next year to visit – so stay tuned.

But the following bit of fashion has me pondering whether a Singapore blog could be worth a go:

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5 thoughts on “Xīn jiā pō – not what it seems

  1. Cankles

    Dingle, I never fixed that link in comments properly – its invisible!….mouse over the above comment area and you’ll notice a link….

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