Shanzhai iPod Nano vs real Nano

Shanzhai iPod Nano

In Shanghai it’s not uncommon to find shanzhai MP3 players at the various fake and tech markets, but, have you ever wondered if they actually work? I recently did a review of a 4th generation Shanzhai iPod Nano and compared it to the real thing for Australia’s biggest technology site,

Today the photo gallery comparison of taking a Shanzhai iPod apart next to a real Apple iPod was published and you can find it here. Later this week I hear the site will publish my full review of the Shanzhai Apple good. I won’t spoil the surprise so you’ll just need to check back when it’s live.

Update: Okay the review is now live and you can read it here.

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6 thoughts on “Shanzhai iPod Nano vs real Nano

  1. Dingle

    interesting, I guessed the blue was fake from the box actually, the font just didn’t look right, something about the thickness of the letters not being even.

    How about the performance though, is it trying to run the same software or is it something copying the ipod software? any difference in music quality / battery life?

    Ah, and I’ve just opened the last two pictures and found the answers!

  2. Dingle

    Ok, I’m still marginally interested, it claims to be 8GB, did you check if it can really hold 8GB? I got sick of buying SD cards and USB sticks in China which turned out to be fake and had a significantly lower capacity than claimed (in the last case I bought a 8gb USB stick which appeared to be 8gb on the screen, but when I copied files to it everything went wrong after 1gb, it appeared to be a 1gb stick which thought it was 8gb).

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