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Safe sex is a serious issue in China. In Shanghai, just about every convenience store has a huge range of penis protectors and there’s even vending machines conveniently located near hairdressing salons on many of the inner city streets.

Now, I’ve casually seen some of the names of the condoms available and had a good chuckle. And when I say chuckle, I mean giggle like puberty boy – especially at the packaging which would suggest there are some locals that are so awkwardly well-endowed they must be bow-legged.

I digress.

So, I’ve never actually been close enough to read the devil in the details of these packets until the weekend when I found a box of “No.1 American Choice” brands in our hotel room:

“Feel better than wearing nothing” is the slogan, and it’s been “triple tested”.

However, what I like is that they’re giving some highlights of the reviews the condom has been getting back in the US of A – and boy are they popular. The New York Times say it’s a “Triumph of Excess”, Men’s Health reviewed it twice saying it was a “must-try” and has “sensitivity A+”. The female magazine Cosmopolitan also gave the rubber a run and said it was “Oodles more sensation”. And just in case you were wondering if it was safe for M2M action the San Francisco Boy Guardian gave it it’s “Highest Rating”.

Well there you have it. Who would have thunk that there are editors at these media outlets in the USA giving these a good shag testing for the folks having dirty weekends in Wuxi.

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One thought on “Rubber reviews

  1. Swiss James

    I saw the same brand in Changzhou!

    It’s a weird one because the english on the quotes is spot on- “Oodles more sensation” really sounds like something Cosmo would write. I was actually tempted to try them out- but it was 15RMB at my place, and no sex is worth that.

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