National Day photo exhibition

To mark 60 years of the People’s Republic of China the Shanghai Exhibition Center is showing off some of the nation’s triumphs in photo form.

We accidentally came across the show while taking a shortcut though the exhibition centre grounds – many locals were lining up to get in which is usually a tell-tale sign of something good is going on. We’re not sure if were were supposed to pay but it looks like the event is actually free (Read: nobody askef for us for money).

Once inside the exhibition starts at the beginning of the People’s Republic of China back in 1949 and follows the history of the current nation in many fantastic photos.

If you’re walking past the area it’s worth popping in just to see the photos. All of the descriptions for the photos are in Chinese so if you cannot speak or read the language then it might be worth grabbing a friend who can help. Here are just a few of the pictures from the event:

Shanghai 1990 – 2009

I can’t imagine another city has seen such crazy growth as this. Perhaps Dubai.

Deng Xiaoping with Margaret Thatcher

The Potala Palace

Interesting shot of the Potala Palace.


Armed Forces

My guess is that this photo was in the 1950s, possibly around the same time as the Korean War.

Mao and Nixon

The famous meeting that helped shape the world as we know it today.


There are more than 55 different ethnic minority groups in China. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the sign or tell by the picture which group this is.

I love China

At the end of the show you can write your own message to China. This was one of them.

What: Shanghai photo exhibition celebrating 60 years of the PRC
Where: Shanghai Exhibition Centre (Across the road from the Portman’s Ritz Carlton on Nanjing Lu – The Russian-looking building.
How much: Free (I think)

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5 thoughts on “National Day photo exhibition

  1. Swiss James

    Good tip- I think I’ll head there on Thursday. The three photos of Pudong are crazy- in fact I’ll go further: Krazee.

    What did you use to put the google map in there? I had to do this weird thing with an ifram plugin.

  2. Cankles Post author

    Yeah, that’s an iFrame – basically get the link from the Google Maps site. If you mess with the parameters I think you can change the size and a few other things.

    Yes, when I gingered the CSS for this WordPress Theme I screwed up the links. No, I haven’t fixed it. Yes, the links work though – if you know where they are!

    Not sure what you mean by the skateboard….The photos not work?

    I need to re-organise the whole site a bit better – put all the photos I have on my HD up, upload more videos/time lapses, and put maps around stuff.

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