Where to buy musical instruments in Shanghai

One of the great joys of being a consumer in Shanghai are the areas dedicated to certain goods. There are tech malls, bathroom fittings malls, camera malls, fabric malls, fake stuff malls, and so on. For the musically minded Shanghai doesn’t disappoint either. There are a few music streets and areas but one of the largest can be found on Jinling Rd (Jinling Xi Lu). Whether it is rock and roll, electronic, classical, or even traditional Chinese instruments this street pretty much has it all.

From observations the prices were pretty good, especially for acoustic guitars – I saw one for 250RMB. Being a really bad drummer at home I found a lot of the kits did look and sound a bit plastic though. However, I’m not sure having a full kit is really something the neighbours in Shanghai would appreciate (or maybe it would be a welcome relief from all the construction going on for the Expo). There are electronic kits from all the major brands though.

For guitarists, bassists, and even cow bellers there’s enough stuff here to arm your band. What you might miss compared to many shops in the west is the ‘vintage’ area. It seems this market isn’t catered for too well here (that I can see).

It’s also a treasure to find some traditional Chinese instruments. Personally, I like the Sanxian(三弦) but there is just about every instrument to buy there.

What: A whole street full of music shops
Where: East Jinling Road (it goes for blocks) – see picture for address in Chinese

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9 thoughts on “Where to buy musical instruments in Shanghai

  1. KOKO

    Please, try another shop somewhere independent in Shanghai. This street is full of cheaters and not good stuffs. Only fakes, everything is expensive and these shops are only for tourists. Not for real musicians.. For example in this street I wanted buy string D’Addario.. and it was for 200 hundreds YUAN. I found normal shop independet of this catastrophic street where strings are for 25 Yuans :) http:/www.cindymusic.com.cn/athena/offerlist/xindiyueqi-sale-8-true.html ……. bye and good luck in this cheating country

  2. Alex

    Thanks man !! been surfing for hours trying to find info on music stores in Shanghai….. made my day =)

    Cheers and keep up the good work =)

  3. Alex

    Does Hai Xindi Music Equipment Co (formerly know as Cindymusic) have a visiting/store adress ?

    cant find any info about it on the site ?

  4. harshith

    i wanna but iron cobra double bass pedal im coming to shanghai next month so camn plz tell me is there any music stores which is cheap and worth in shanghai plz reply soon

  5. UkeChick

    I was shopping around looking for ukuleles. I found this guy Jian Zhou working at a shop on Jingling road, number 310. Jian is a guitar player and tunes the intruments by ear, quite a difference from the people I found in the other stores, who had no idea that their instruments were out of tune. The shop is mostly guitars, but has some other instruments, including some nice quality ukuleles. A little more expensive than the other stores, but much better quality. Perfect intonation.

  6. stafford pereira

    I am intrested in buying replica brand names of alto sax ,trumpets ,clarinet etc please can you let me know any dealers who I can contact

  7. derek

    been looking on taobao for a small valve amp to use while I work in china. Has anyone experience of the wangs HT5 hand wired amp or HT10 And does anyone know a shop in shanghai or suzhou that socks wangs amps.


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