What do your moles say about you?

What sort of mole do you have? A lucky one? a poverty mole, affair mole, orgy mole, longevity mole, or is that a gossip mole?

According to this Chinese chart (see below) there is an ancient tell tale sign of what the moles on your face mean according to where they are on your face. I’m yet to see this stuff on mainland China, well Shanghai, but I snapped the following pictures while on a recent trip to Singapore. Do people really believe in this stuff?

In my younger years I wonder what they would have said about a freckly ginger kid? Are freckles moles? If so, I’m in for a hell of a ride yet….as long as I can escape all of those ‘early death’ moles – commonly known in the western world as “skin cancer”.

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3 thoughts on “What do your moles say about you?

  1. MF

    I’m glad I got my “early death” and “restrain wife” ones removed.

    I don’t know if Shanghainese people believe in this stuff, but I had a Hakka friend who told me that people’s faces have their own feng shui, and if you get rid of a mole, you have to be careful because it my screw up your good face feng shui. She said that if you have a mole near your mouth, you will have “luck in eating,” and if you have one within the hair of your eyebrows, you will get rich. I was telling my Korean friend about this, and he said something like if a woman has a black mole in the middle of her forehead, she’ll kill her husband by being sexually ravenous, but if she has a brown one, it’s okay.

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