Total eclipse of the….F@*ck!!

As it happens the full eclipse watching of yesterday was not to be. Just five minutes before the moon was scheduled to eclipse the sun somebody thought it would be a good idea if it rained.

Annoying. Really annoying. In astronomical terms, as annoying as a moon landing conspiracist in the way of Buzz Aldrin:

My pictures, like all the ones I’ve seen so far, pretty much suck. A lot. However, the satellite imagery from out of space was pretty cool.

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One thought on “Total eclipse of the….F@*ck!!

  1. Dingle

    I’ll never understand, when the americans landed on the moon why didn’t they just leave a mirror behind, we wouldn’t have needed all these expensive satellites for taking photos of the earth, anyone could have just picked up a telescope and trained it at the mirror.

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