Even more crazy ways to keep cool in Shanghai’s summer

Sweating your arse off? Me too. Being a ginger I get all beetroot- faced at just the thought of the dial hitting 30 degrees. This week it’s been clocked at over 40 – well over ginger exploding point.

To help the stupid foreigners our apartment complex recently distributed a magazine in English with a helpful article titled “How to keep cool in summer”. The article included such tips as; eat duck, drink hot tea, drink vinegar, swim, and eat duck.

Yes, they said eat duck twice – and I thought it was a typo the first time.

Call me crazy but however much I love the fatty bird, its not the first thing I reach for when my back starts to sweat in the shade. Nor is fresh cup of hot tea the first drink I think of to replace the liquids seeping out of every pore. And drinking vinegar? Well just a dash in the gin and tonic, Jeeves.

So, to turn the tide of recent neglect of this blog I thought it was time to pass some other, clearly useful ways, to keep cool this summer.

Have a dip in the Huangpu
Sure, there might be 150 years of industrial waste and 7 different kinds of poo but we’ve heard its good for the skin.

Just add hotpants
Girls seem to be quite comfortable wearing these around town so why not the guys?

Oh wait. I know why:


Drink beer in the local All Days
Purchase your favourite long neck bottle of beer, go the counter and purchase that thirst quencher, then stand in front of the shop’s icy cold air conditioner and polish it off. Repeat as required.

Dress like a monk not a Taoist
I’m not really religious nor want to poke fun but the Buddhists seem to have the right idea when it comes to keeping cool.

Go skiing! (65RMB 2 hours)
Yes, the Yinqixing Indoor Skiing Site is open. Get that all body ice cream headache feeling and practice your turns for next winter at the same time.

1835 Qixin Road near Gudai Rd in Xinzhuang; 021-64788666

Have more? Feel free to put them in below and I’ll update the post.

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2 thoughts on “Even more crazy ways to keep cool in Shanghai’s summer

  1. James

    I enjoyed a walk through the science and technology subway shopping center to cool off when I was in SH. Followed with a meal at Latina, all you can eat Brazilian BBQ in the back of the mall.

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