Shanzhai eye: Save the Pandaphants

Life’s tough when you’ve got to compete for cuteness on the A-list of endangered species. Wrinkly old elephants at the Royal Elephant Kraal zoo in Thailand are being dressed up as pandas to remind visitors that it’s not all about the new cute panda cubs born at the zoo recently.



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3 thoughts on “Shanzhai eye: Save the Pandaphants

  1. Cankles Post author

    Cheers Jacquie,
    I know a friend who has a pandaphant art gallery. Do you want to visit?

    ….it’s just around the corner.

    We’re off the yangmei after those pictures of the worms inside…but I guess the alcohol would kill them, right?

  2. Dingle

    They’d certainly be completely wrecked with all the alcohol, I think if you leave them in long enough they’ll all climb out looking for kebabs.

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