How not to buy dildos in Shanghai

It’s one thing to eat street food from vendors and haggle for pet bunny rabbits in Shanghai. You’re cool, you’re local, right? But, purchase sex toys and the like from some guy who sells his wares on the street out of a wooden box?


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5 thoughts on “How not to buy dildos in Shanghai

  1. Dingle

    is that on FangBang Dong Lu by any chance? I walked down the other week and saw exactly the same, surrounded by a mammoth pile of empty viagra cartons (I think the same as in front of your pic).

  2. Cankles Post author

    Yup, that’s the one. A suitable name to sell said wares.

    I was wondering what the empty boxes on the ground were….so people are taking viagra on the spot, throwing away the box, and then catching the crowded buses or subway home?

  3. Dingle

    yeah I think they basically take the drug (a liquid I think) and then sprint off home leaving the evidence behind.
    If you’re ever on a bus in the vicinity and find yourself being prodded in the leg by a middle aged man squeezing past you’ll know where he’s been.

  4. ChinaMatt

    Of all the things I used to see sold on the streets of China, I never saw sex toys (saw plenty of shops that sold ‘em though). Hilarious that he’s got one of the dildoes on display in the center.

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