Learn to read Chinese characters

Some days I think I’ve come so far in talking and getting around in Shanghai and China. And then sometimes, things turn out like this recent cooking event:

Jenni: Can you pick up sweet potato?

Me: Sure. Beer/Wine?

Jenni: Not tonight.

Me: Me too. I could murder one. I’ll grab a couple.

[Meanwhile...back at the house]

Jenni: Err is that Sweet Potato?

Me: Sure it is, it looks like it. It’s covered in dirt, right?

Jenni: Riiighht. But it looks different inside.

Me: Pfft what are you talking about. It’s fine, you just need to cook it.


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2 thoughts on “Learn to read Chinese characters

  1. Cankles Post author

    Yeah, Taro (cooked like sweet mashed potato) and salmon just not good at all. I couldn’t even pretend a “oh, tastes like fusion” comment to cover my f-up.

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