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About living in Shanghai highrises…

Here’s an interesting piece of news for readers back home: On Saturday morning a residential building under construction in Shanghai fell over like a pack of cards. Unfortunately, one worker was in the wrong place at the wrong time and died. Luckily, this building didn’t fall over into another highrise building or was closer to where more people are living. If the same collapse happened in a more built up area (say, where I live) it would have easily killed thousands.

Here are the pictures of a building collapse:

Eat the yangmei, eat the yangmei, eat the yangmei

Well, it’s yangmei season once again in Shanghai. Known as the Chinese Strawberry, yangmei can be found in the fruit stalls and street vendors all over town this time of year. The furry-looking fruit looks similar to a lychee at first glace but is dark red in colour. Tasting somewhere between a strawberry and a raspberry the yangmei is sweet with a touch of tang. Saying I think they’re hao chi (delicious) is an understatement – my local dealer’s face lights up everytime he sees me…


What: Yangmei (Chinese: 杨梅; pinyin: yángméi) Also known as waxberry, Chinese Bayberry, Japanese Bayberry, Red Bayberry, Chinese Strawberry
Where: Fruit stores, grocery stores, street vendors
How much: I’ve been paying around 10RMB for 1 Jin (almost half a kilo I think)

Update: Thanks to Dingle Speaks for his notable warnings about the yangmei I speak highly of. Used to speak highly of….

While the berry could easily be substituted for a raspberry or strawberry in recipes I’m keen to find out if the yangmei would work in cocktails:

Yangmei Mojito
- Fresh Yangmei (instead of Lime)
- Mint
- White Rum
- Sugar
- Soda Water
Mixed with Ice and served

Shanghai Manhattan
- Yangmei flavoured Baijiu
- Whiskey
- Bitters
- Garnished with a Yangmei
All shaken and strained

Yangmei Martini
- Yangmei juice or yangmei flavored Baijiu (depending on personal taste)
- Cointreau
- Vodka
Shaken and strained

Shanghai Sea Breeze
- Vodka
- Fresh yanmei juice
- Cranberry juice
- Dash of lime cordial (if wanted)
- Lime
Mixed with ice

Bike Polo anyone?

With the amount of wankers wearing shirts with polo players on them you could be mistaken that Polo is a popular past time in Shanghai. However, Shanghai is a terrible place if you’re a polo player. The lack of open spaces and shortage of young fillies to hire is such a conundrum for locals and foreigners alike. Luckily, a couple of postmodern young go-getters decided to ditch the horses for bikes and create their own version of ‘Bike Polo’.

As the name suggests players use bikes instead of horses and substitute grass for concrete. Using what looks like home made sticks, the rules look pretty much the same as polo – like I have any idea what those rules are. The result: mixing sticks and bike spokes into one game is surely going cause a few bruises.

According to the video below the games kicks off, bike off, tees off, starts on Saturday afternoons at the Shanghai Indoor Football Stadium. So, stop complaining that “all there is to do in Shanghai on the weekend is shop, drink, dance, puke, repeat”, and man or woman up, fix up your bike and head on down. Everyone, including dudes with ladybikes, are said to be welcome down at Shanghai Bike Polo Club.

More info on where and when the games are on and equipment needed visit the Shanghai Fixed Gear Website.

Bing in Chinese update

After the recent mass blocking of social networks, photo services, and Bing – Microsoft’s new search engine – the intertubes have again been unblocked and procrastination amongst expats has once again returned to the status quo.

With that in mind I thought an update to what Bing actually means in Chinese now that it is unblocked. I previously speculated the meaning could be quite a few things in Chinese. However, Microsoft have since launched the site with the characters 必应 which is “bi ying”. I’ve been told via the team at CBSi China it means “whatever you ask for i will satisfy you”.

Picture 49

Shanzhai Eye: Rolls Royce

See the Geely GE sedan that looked like a Rolls Royce Phantom at the Shanghai Auto Show a few months back? Well here is what looks like a direct copy of the Rolls Royce from a garage in China. Here is one of about half a dozen videos showing off their masterpiece:

For the whole playlist visit this link to