Shanzhai Eye: DIY helicopter

It’s one thing to Shanzhai a USB stick or SD card. Another to copy the iPhone. Amazing to see a whole F1 car made from scratch. But, a helicopter?

Update: Thanks to Swiss James for pointing out this story was last month’s news at Shanghaiist and 56minus1 even has an update on what happened to this gentleman after a recent crash.

That’s right, kids. Tell your friends that you heard it here 1st, 2nd, 3rd…much later!

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5 thoughts on “Shanzhai Eye: DIY helicopter

  1. Cankles Post author

    Wow, this has been covered quite a bit before….

    Look at me contributing to the echo chamber. Will update with links

  2. 小杜

    Hi Cankles,

    Thx for adding the Link.

    Yeah, its an amazing story – I found the video on Mop, then did some research on Baidu (Google sucks quite badly in for some things) to find another few articles which covered what happened next.

    Did you also see the Shanzhai iPhone post on 56minus1?


  3. Cankles Post author

    no problem – nice story. I wish I had the same Chinese reading skills as yourself to go the extra mile for those type of stories.

    I simply stumbled across the video while searching for 山寨 videos on Youku.

    I found your article on Shanzhai iPhone just now. Nice. Besides online do you know a good market in Shanghai where you can see all of these? That would be a cool video/story.

  4. 小杜

    I do indeed.

    Suggest PM me on Sh. Expat (or email me) – see if you can work out who I am :) and we can go together, see if Swiss James is up for it also.

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