Flying South to Sanya (三亚)

With the Labour Day weekend and 3 days off we decided to pack our swimmers and head to the popular sunny getaway of Sanya, situated about as far south as one can go in China.

With a year-round tropical climate the tourist area is mostly popular with mainland Chinese, Honkies, and Russians. In fact, at our hotel we only heard one other couple speaking English the whole weekend. Certainly a good thing sometimes – it can be hard to escape the western tourist trails.

While Sanya and the surrounding areas are full of great things to do – including all the water sport fun you’d expect from such a climate – we took a beached whale approach to the weekend and plonked ourselves at Yalong Bay (Yalong Wan – 亚龙湾). Why move when all the entertainment was there with spice in our bellies and ice in our hands?

Of course, in the rush of the pack, I left my board shorts back in Shanghai. Not one to don a pair of speedos I boganed it up by wearing a pair of rugby shorts which I usually wear for running. The funny part is that these shorts were probably the longest on the beach – short-shorts and lycra seem to be the fashion ticket in Sanya.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I could not find a shop near us which sold said dude-ware.

What we did see is a lot of matching outfits on sale. It seems the hot ticket for couples is to wear the same beach gear. Makes perfect sense, really.

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2 thoughts on “Flying South to Sanya (三亚)

  1. Cankles Post author

    To fight another day against the sun.

    There’s another photo with 3 guys in jeans (it was at least 28 degrees) on the beach shading themselves with an umbrella.

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