What dudes do at Shanghai’s Auto Show

The 13th annual Shanghai Auto Show has hit town this week. Even by China standards this event is simply huge – which is no surprise – every south-facing western car company wants a piece of the local market.

I’ve written about the show elsewhere but as a person who watches people, I did find the type of scenes below quite funny to watch:



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2 thoughts on “What dudes do at Shanghai’s Auto Show

  1. Swiss James

    There was a guy on the subway the other day going through all of his photos from the auto show. With his girlfriend.

    All photos were of the glamour girls, none were of the cars, she was basically just watching a parade of women that he would rather be having sex with than her.

    I wanted to get all Rikki Lake on him but don’t know the Chinese for

    “Honey- you need to kick this chump to the kerb. MMMMM HMMMM!”

  2. John

    Rikki Lake, haven’t seen her show in a loooog time… Anyways, since the cars at the auto show aren’t that great (what’s JAC?) taking pictures of the ladies is the next best thing.

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