A Sprinkle of Ginger

One of the special things about the blog world is the ability to aggregate other people’s content and ideas quickly to fill the void of your own originality.

This week I’d like to point to Ella Morton’s new blog and videos from A Sprinkle of Ginger. A friend and fellow ginger, Ella is a journalist, actress, singer, director, and video producer who has recently relocated to New York City. When at CNET Ella produced, appeared, and pioneered many great online shows such as Planet CNET – a worldwide technology news show – among others.

A Sprinkle of Ginger is a slightly different pace. For example, This Social Wisdom video trilogy takes a yesteryear look at your Facebook profile pic and Guitaring Hero. The final part of the series is called Dance Your Way To Success, which Ella says is “an instructional video on how to hipshake your way into people‚Äôs affections.”

Watch, share, bookmark, and forget this blog is supposed to contain random rants from, and about, Shanghai.

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One thought on “A Sprinkle of Ginger

  1. Ella

    Many thanks for the plug — and for getting me started with the whole writing caper. Turns out I quite enjoy it.

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