The Everyday Things #1

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation – this time a little bit more successful than the last. In this video I take a look at an everyday street in Shanghai during peak hour. It’s a quick snapshot of the daily traffic grind of cars, scooters, buses, trucks, carts, bicycles, tricycles, carts, tuk tuks, pedestrians, and traffic cops.

Who wins? In its own chaotic way….everyone’s a winner.

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4 thoughts on “The Everyday Things #1

  1. Cankles Post author

    Yep, that’s the one.

    I’m scouting for busy locations to do another one – preferably in the former french connection or old town. Open to suggestions.

  2. Swiss James

    The roof of the Mansion hotel on Xiangyang Lu (forget the cross street).

    It looks onto the roof of a russian orthodox church and is a great place to see the sunset. Also they have alckyhol.

  3. lily kan

    hey would you mind putting some of these stop motions videos on youku? for some reason i can’t seem to see them on you’re blog! is it because i’m using safari?

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