Stop Motion Animation: Shanghai at Night

The unusually clear weather last night saw me grabbing my tripod and camera, lugging it on my “lady bike”, and peddling down to the Bund for a few rare shots of a clear Shanghai skyline .

As usual, the Bund was full of tourists to gasp at the city lights – and hawkers of varying degrees of dodgyness. After a few long exposure shots (which turned out really well – will post later) I decided to try my hand at stop motion animation.

This is my first attempt at this type of photography, and as you can see, its a little rough around the edges. Once I get a better handle on how this works I’ll look to post more.

Oh yes, and while I was playing the snappy tourist someone decided to break the two locks on my el cheapo ladybike and take it for a spin.

Goodbye lady bike, didn’t we have some times?

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3 thoughts on “Stop Motion Animation: Shanghai at Night

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  2. Swiss James

    Ah very cool (although maybe you should take the wheels off the bottom of your tripod?)

    Sorry to hear about your bike- if you want to try this kind of thing again I’d love to come along too. One of us can watch the bike whilst the other watches the camera setup(s).

    I’ve tried it a few times myself-

    and am getting a new camera that’s just the job for this kind of thing on Friday!

    Drop me an email if you’re up for it?

  3. Cankles Post author

    Cool videos (I need to fix the CSS for links in the comments area).

    The video above was my first attempt at this stuff…no wheels on my tripod! I think the movement was due to talking at the same time as taking the shots. Talking to Chinese tourists in my bad chinese and telling dodgy hawkers to go away.

    I’m up for it. My equipment is pretty basic -and I’m still a photography n00b. Will drop you a line.

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