How to set up a Youku account in English

Youku is a Chinese online video sharing service, like YouTube, but in many ways much, much better. For one, it’s faster than YouTube if you’re living inside China. Secondly, it’s full of content like TV shows, movies, video clips, and news pieces. And Thirdly, there’s a heap of user-generated content providing a stream of interesting and not so interesting content by Chinese netizens.

For non-Chinese readers like myself it’s easy enough to find content by using the search bar, but after a while you may want to save that funny video of a firecracker going off inside some guys pants to show to others later. To do this you’ll need to set up an account. Luckily, it’s actually quite easy to do so here’s the instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on the characters below which says “sign up”.youkusingup1

3. This will take you through to the sign up page. There’s nothing really complex here but the image below shows the sections you need to fill out. youkusingup2

4. Once completed successfully you’ll see your selected username in to the top taskbar and a message saying you’re ready to contribute to YouKu. The picture below shows the new taskbar option you’ll have for logging in.youkusignup3

5. Now, once you’ve set that up you can bookmark and keep your favourite videos to watch whenever you’re logged in. To do this you’ll just need to click on the star icon underneath the video. The image below shows how to do this and embed your YouKu video to a blog or web forum.youkusingup4

6. If you’d like to create a playlist of items to play one after the other you can simply click on the ‘+’ sign on the video’s icon as shown below.


Well, that should be enough to get those who don’t read Chinese to get started. If there’s more Youku tips feel free to add them in the comments section and I’ll add them in.

Triple nerd point score: The latest PS3 firmwire update enables Adobe’s Flash player which lets you watch videos from sites like YouKu, Tudou, Youtube and others directly from the PS3 browser. Not a bad solution if you want to watch Internet TV on the couch.

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32 thoughts on “How to set up a Youku account in English

  1. parth

    Step 1

    First of open this site

    step 2

    and open the site which u want to change language in another window[tab]

    then copy the link of website

    step 3

    after that u can get google language translate page at there u can see that

    “Enter text or a webpage URL, or upload a document.

    Then there is a box there

    Paste that link on this box

    Step 4

    Then u seen the two language box below that box

    Select a language into First box is the one in which the website alredy having then into another

    box language u desired

    Step 5

    Then click on the translate

    Its done

    Now enjoy all the sites in language u desired

  2. ad

    i dont know if you are still looking to see in english, but if you have firefox and use google, it automaticly tnaslates the page with some misspells but still pretty good.

  3. Amanda

    I need some help! It says my email is invalid. Why? It’s a valid email that i use daily. Is it because it’s American based or Hotmail or something?


    how bout telling us how to sign up for a tudou account too. this is particularly hard because it requires you to input chinese as a captcha.

  5. Kiki

    Great post.

    Would you be able to walk us through the instructions for uploading a video too please?

    The translate services don’t seem to work once you get to the uploading stage.

    Many thanks!

  6. DW

    how do i upload vids on youku ? im a british born chinese living in the UK my chinese isn’t good. can i uploads vids to youku in the uk?

  7. lily kan

    thanks so much! but could you please tell me how to upload? it says i have uploaded but the sound is gone! i uploaded from key note and then exported into a quicktime movie thing. then when i put it on youku, the music disappears! please help! thanks!
    -lily kan <3

  8. julie

    i have tried and tried to make an account to no avail, i have input ALL my email addresses and every one says it has been taken, from me .com to hotmail?????

    please can someone help me as i am tearing my hair out!!!!!

  9. Richard

    Please note that it is currently impossible to delete your youku account.

    Maybe best to use a fake email.


  10. beu

    How do I search for movies on youku? i know the chinese characters for movies, but it only offers me movies in chinese… and i dont want them. I want movies in English… HELP, im bored out of my mind!! I dont want to buy movies from the streets!!!

  11. Caleb

    I’m having a hard time entering the code, it looks like I’m entering the code, but it says something that I can’t read or translate after I do it, and from what I can translate it says that I’ve typed that code in incorrectly, can someone help me on this?

  12. Mei

    hi, this is very helpful .. thanks
    can i ask if anyone know how to delete an account in Thanks in advance ! :)

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