Daft Punk secret gig in Shanghai

According to the Shanghaiist earlier this week Daft Punk were set to put on a secret show in Shanghai on Friday 13. Yes, Black Friday. To get tickets one had to line up at a disclosed location and pay $500RMB ($90USD). The social web went into a frenzy and according to reports many lined up and purchased tickets.

Unsurprisingly, after someone actually asked Daft Punk’s management it was found out the gig was hoax. Some are still holding out that it’s a trick to make sure it’s still a secret show, however, a bunch of foreigners are currently grabbing their digital pitchforks and looking for those responsible. Funnily enough, they are looking for a guy with red hair.

As there are probably only about a dozen fanta pants in the Shanghai I’d like to state my innocence and hope that the gig is on or those who got scammed will get their money back.

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2 thoughts on “Daft Punk secret gig in Shanghai

  1. Cankles Post author

    Well in their defence everyone makes mistakes, especially in this blog world where everyone wants to break news fast. In saying that, they should apologise to readers who were duped.

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