Homes Shanghainese Restaurant

Homes was the first Shanghainese restaurant I visited when arriving off the boat. After eating their delicious local food, especially the pork in brown sauce, I was hooked. The sad truth was that at the time I had no idea what side of the city I was in or where Homes was located.

By good fortune we accidently rediscovered Homes (right near where we live) on Julu Lu near Fumin Lu. The delicious pork was just as good as I remembered. Here’s a visual taste of what to expect:

Pork dish from Homes

Pork for Homes

What: Homes Shanghainese restaurant
Where: Julu Lu near Fumin Lu in the Former French Concession
Eat:Pork, Shrimp, and Hairy Crabs are a specialty.
How Much: 20-60RMB per dish. More for out of season ingredients and rare ingredients you probably shouldn’t eat.

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