Eat the pomelo, eat the pomelo, eat the pomelo

You say pommelo, I say pomelo – is the sweeter father of the grapefruit and now in season around China. I was first introduced to the giant of citrus about a month ago and keep going back to the fruit shop weekly, sometimes twice a week, to grab one. It’s certainly healthier than the dumpling addiction and rich in vitamin C to ward off the loogies during the cold winter in Shanghai.

While the grapefruit is bitter, the trick to eating a pomelo is to get rid of as much of the membrane as possible. Inside will be a sweet, almost honey flavored citrus flesh.

What: Pomelo or yòuzi (柚子) in Chinese
How much: Seen them between 3RMB and 40RMB. Buying them from local fruit shops is much, much cheaper than western supermarkets.
Where:Best bought at fruit shops or street vendors
How to pick a good one:I’ve been told to pick pomelos that are round with no or little flat edges and heavy for their size.

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